Automotive Industry Business Telephone Systems and and ITFor all organisations involved in retailing high-value products and service, professionalism, trust and good service are vital elements of a good customer relationship.

In the competitive automotive industry, profitability relies on creating "customers for life" and dealerships must consistently deliver quality customer experiences at every interaction.

Effective communications systems are a key element of the "Customer Satisfaction" mix to provide optimal customer satisfaction and sales support.

One challenge dealerships face lies in maintaining contact with sales staff who are demonstrating vehicles on the lot and during test drives.

Evotec has extensive experience in implementing technology that enables retail organisations to enhance their customer service.

Our solutions in cordless telephony, VoIP, unified messaging, and mobile phone solutions ensure that the automotive industry can provide better service to its customers throughout the entire customer life-cycle.

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Unify Business Telephone System for Porsche Cars Australia

Case Study: Porsche Cars Australia

Porsche Cars Australia chose Evotec and Unify OpenScape Business to replace the telephony at its Australian head office and now its communications are as elegant and fully-featured as its cars.

When you buy a Porsche, you expect unsurpassed cutting-edge technology and outstanding service. You expect quality in every interaction, right down to something as simple as phone call.

This was a challenge for Porsche Cars Australia. Its head office was using a legacy call management solution that was showing its age. Call sound quality was poor and there were occasional call dropouts.

Business was growing rapidly and, even with two full-time receptionists, there were delays in answering calls. The receptionists could not see the availability of the person they were transferring the call to, which meant customers had to wait longer than they should for a resolution.
Attempts to update the old system had added complexity.

“With the old system, you almost had to have a degree to drive it,” said Tim Barwich, Group IT Manager at Porsche Cars Australia.

“Unify is our solution globally. We started considering their products and found that they were doing exactly what we needed, which was proper integration. They also had integration into Microsoft Exchange, which we are rolling out this year,” Tim said.

A key requirement of the upgrade was improved integration to service the mobile needs of staff working in the showroom, customer service, administration and workshop or not at a desk.

The carmaker also wanted better integration between its headquarters in Collingwood, Victoria, its Tullarmarine warehouse and its dealership in Alexandria, NSW.
With the old system, contact between the three sites via external phone lines increased costs and reduced functionality.

Now all their Australian sites are connected and they have the ability to integrate the Australian arm’s communications more closely with their head office in Europe.

Using OpenScape Business’ myAttendant, Porsche Cars Australia gave its receptionists call center functionality at their desktops. As well as calls, they have access to chat, voicemail, fax and collaboration functions, which all work closely together.

Calls are now automatically directed to someone who is available. And with the ability to create individualised messages, there is better handling of waiting calls.

“They’re definitely answering calls quicker and the customer has a shorter wait in the queue, which improves customer satisfaction,” Tim said.

With the contact center a success, Tim Barwich is looking to empower employees with increased mobility. The cordless handsets already free around 80 staff from their desks when taking calls. The next step is to allow the seamless transfer of a call from the handset to a mobile phone.

The solution means that the company’s communication looks and feels as sophisticated as the brand.

“The biggest difference is the state-of-the-art handsets with that modern feel, which is important to the end user,” Tim said.
“Overall, the call quality has improved and you can better hear the other person talking on the other side.”

With OpenScape Business also installed in the Alexandria dealership and an installation planned for Porsche Cars Australia’s Tullamarine site, Barwich is implementing tighter integration between head office and the satellite locations so that calls can move effortlessly between the sites.

So now if a customer calls head office and needs to talk to someone in the showroom, it’s not a game of phone tag because calls can be transferred directly to the person who can best handle their inquiry. While this was the primary motivation for moving to this system, an added benefit is that Porsche no longer incurs the costs of an external interstate call.

Throughout the process, Barwich worked with Evotec to roll-out the Unify solution and provide staff with training to understand their new capabilities. This partnership ensured that Porsche Cars Australia had the solution it needed.

“Evotec spent a lot of time analysing our needs and getting everything prepared. Once that is nailed down, it almost guarantees a good outcome for the project,” he said.
Even with all that planning, Barwich was impressed with how stress-free the actual installation was.

“My biggest surprise was how quickly it was up and running. Compared to our old solution, it was very easy. It was literally two and a half days and then all we needed to do was some fine tuning,” he says.

With OpenScape, Porsche Cars Australia now has an integrated communications solution as sleek, manoeuvrable and feature-rich as its cars, ensuring it can live up to customers’ high expectations.

Heartland Motors

Case Study: Heartland Motors

Heartland Motors is one of Sydney's leading family-owned and operated automotive groups, with 6 car dealerships and 2 service centres, selling 12 diverse brands of vehicle. Heartland places customer service and satisfactioin is their main goal, treating each customer as if they are their only customer.

The Need:

Heartland wanted to provide a real person to promptly answer all incoming calls and transfer them to the most appropriate expert at any one of their multiple locations.

The Solution:

Cordless technology: DECT base stations and handsets allowing internal and customer contact from any location within a Heartland site.

In 2001 linking sites was achieved by using ISDN technology, which enabled free inter-site calls.
In 2007 Heartland Holden updated their data network, and carried out a hardware upgrade improving inter-site connectivity and site management.

All moves and changes are made centrally by internal IT administration and updated from a server connected to the telephone network...all with one administration tool.

Working with Evotec, Heartland continually improves their communications system with hardware upgrades and software updates to ensure they retain their edge in this highly competitive industry.  

The Result:

A strong business DSL network with reliable communications platform.