Telstra Business SIP

Telstra Business SIP is for businesses whose voice services are on ISDN or PSTN and need to upgrade their service to the NBN network.

Telstra Business SIP is a high quality, IP based voice service alternative that gives businesses crisp, clear and reliable voice calls and is fully compatible with existing PABX systems.

We’ll help you install and configure Telstra Business SIP precisely to your organisation’s requirements. The service can be adapted for virtually any kind of industry or business type.

How does it work?

• Telstra Business SIP is an intuitive cloud based calling experience
• Can be used with current NBN service provider
• For premium voice quality please allow 100kbps upload & 100kbps download per phone line


Features and Benefits

• Crisp, clear voice quality – audio quality is as good or better than current ISDN or PSTN services
• Secure, reliable and robust – using the Telstra Next IP and Telstra Mobile Network
• Easy to install and manage – can be connected to existing PABX systems and comes with a self-service portal for on-going management

Call Evotec to discuss pricing and options to suit your business needs.