NBN, Pros, Cons and Pain Points


Evotec understand that NBN creates a new level of complexity and we are being contacted by businesses being put under undue stress because they have been given the wrong advice. 

We acknowledge that NBN had both pros and cons and we can work with you to enhance the Pros and manage the Cons. 


  • Provides strong connections that sustain video and conference calls 
  • All electronic information transmissions should get faster, cheaper and will be able to support more users
  • VoIP will lower telecommunication costs
  • Cloud Computing becomes more accessible
  • Will enable remote or at home workers 


  • Dependable bandwidth, Fibre to the Premise location are limited 
  • Broadband speed reduced with distance, copper quality, connection, cross talk interference and heavy rain
  • Satellite capacity is limited which reduces the broadband speed available at peak times.


     Disaster Recovery 

One of the benefits of NBN services is how well suited it is to disaster recovery. TO keep your services active, a secondary internet and SIP service provider is strongly advised. This back-up strategy means calls will be redirected to your failover provider should your primary SIP services or internet provider fail. 

Many businesses are used to landline phones that function through disasters, failures and emergencies. The new technology can drop-out due to software issues, loss of internet or a power cut. 

When working remotely it is important to ensure that your main SIP Trunks are ready to face any situation, if your main service provider drops-out and you are not notified or do not have a failover provider, you will not be able to receive calls that are being redirected to your mobile device. 

Business continuity is key to us here at Evotec and with this in mind we recommend a Disaster Recovery plan to help in the situation any primary service providers fail. 


Telstra Business Broadband Plans

Telstra Business Plans provide a business grad internet connection that takes full advantage of the high-speed nationwide coverage. All plans are on a 24 month contract. 


                                                                    Standard                                           Unlimate 

Monthly Charge                                              $80                                                                $100

Monthly Data Allowance                              500GB                                                          Unlimited


Whats Included                              - Static IP address - One IPv4 and one range of dual stack Ipv6 addresses

                                                       - Mobile broadband Back up - included with a Telstra Business Smart Modem


Whats not included                         - The Monthly Data Allowance cannot be shared with another service

                                                       - A call allowance


Minimum Cost                                               $2,019                                                             $2,499

Max Early Termination Charges                    $1,248                                                             $1,560


Plans include Standard Plus speed on the nbn network that provide 40Mbps typical minimum speeds during business hours. 

If you exceed your monthly fixed broadband data allowance you will be charged $1 per GB, charged per MB or part thereof capped at a maximum of $300 per month.