Telstra NBN Broadband Plans

Telstra Business Broadband Plans

Telstra Business Plans provide a business grad internet connection that takes full advantage of the high-speed nationwide coverage. All plans are on a 24 month contract. 


                                                                    Standard                                           Unlimate 

Monthly Charge                                              $80                                                                $100

Monthly Data Allowance                              500GB                                                          Unlimited


Whats Included                              - Static IP address - One IPv4 and one range of dual stack Ipv6 addresses

                                                       - Mobile broadband Back up - included with a Telstra Business Smart Modem


Whats not included                         - The Monthly Data Allowance cannot be shared with another service

                                                       - A call allowance


Minimum Cost                                               $2,019                                                             $2,499

Max Early Termination Charges                    $1,248                                                             $1,560


Plans include Standard Plus speed on the nbn network that provide 40Mbps typical minimum speeds during business hours. 

If you exceed your monthly fixed broadband data allowance you will be charged $1 per GB, charged per MB or part thereof capped at a maximum of $300 per month.