NBN Lift and Fire Panel Emergency Requirements

Image of how the emergency telephones and fire panels will work under the NBN

The NBN roll-out affects the operation of important services such as lift emergency telephone and fire alarm panels in many Australian buildings.

By law, you must ensure your Lift Emergency Telephones will operate during a power outage.

Prior to the NBN rollout, this was not a problem as Telstra PSTN copper lines would continue to work during a blackout. However, when the NBN is activated in your area, equipment connected over the NBN network will not work during a power blackout without battery backup.

This means that building owners need to install a new ‘Wireless’ solution prior to NBN installation in their buildings.

Disconnection usually takes place within 18 months after the NBN is ‘ready for service’. So it is important to know when NBN will be ‘ready for service’ in your area and prepare for it well in advance.

Telstra have agreed to maintain the copper wire service to buildings that have registered their lift emergency phone line numbers with NBN – these will not be disconnected before 30 June 2017.

It is the responsibility of the Building Owner to:

  • Register your Lift Emergency Telephone lines with NBN - Click here to register your building
  • Check when NBN will be ‘ready for service’ in your area
  • Order a Wireless Lift Emergency Telephone Solution

It is important to ensure your solution complies with Australian electrical safety requirements. If not, you or your organisation may incur hefty penalties.

Image of EM-4GE Wireless Communication Gateway

The EM-4GE Wireless Communication Gateway (pictured above) provides a standalone solution to replace existing PSTN phone lines that are being decommissioned in the NBN network migration. Features include:

  • Fail-safe battery backup with alerts when the battery capacity is 50%
  • Compatible with all wireless mobile networks in Australia
  • Automatic fault notification options
  • Options to suit FTTP, FTTN, FTTB and VoIP gateway connections
  • Self testing and reporting in accordance with EN: 81-28
  • Compatible with all ACMA approved telephones
  • Designed to operate LINE Powered Telephones
  • Remote management of the system by SMS
  • 4 hours talk-time in the event of a power outage.

The EM-4GE can be upgraded and continue to operate as mobile networks update their services in the future.

Evotec offers a wide range of NBN migration services, including:

  • Project Management
  • Onsite Installation and Configuration Services
  • Recommend Edge & Endpoint Security Solution
  • Recommend / Supply / Install Routers
  • Network testing and assessment
  • Data Cabling.

For more information and to register your building, go to: