IT can help companies cut costs and improve communication, build recognition and create more innovative and attractive procedures.

Evotec’s Information Technology portfolio includes hardware and applications from industry-leading vendors. Our portfolio includes solutions from: 



We cater to three key areas of an organisation’s information technology requirements:

  • Professional Services
  • Business Solutions
  • Client Solutions


Efficient communication is critical to company success. In an increasingly connected and dispersed business landscape, we rely on ongoing communication and collaboration. A key advantage of information technology lies in the ability to streamline communication both internally and externally. 

The solution for moving your technology and your company forward may be obvious in some cases, whereas in others there might be effective optimisation strategies you have not yet considered. 

Information Management is an area where Evotec IT shine! Information Management is essential to any business that must store and safeguard sensitive information. Evotec IT can assist in the ability to store, share and backup files, along with protecting information from unauthorized individuals. As a result, giving you peace of mind that your information is properly stored and safeguarded for future use. 

Your employees have smartphones and can access emails and communicate with their team in real time, even when not in the office. Investing in Remote Access allows your employees to work remotely enabling them to securely access files and servers. 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a corporate network through encrypted connections made over the internet. The traffic between the device and the network is encrypted ensuring all remains private as the information travels. An employee can work outside of the office and still securely connect to the corporate network. Even smartphones and tablets can connect through a VPN guaranteeing all passing information is safe. 

Actively investing in technology is the best way to future proof your business. With the correct utilisation, your data will be safer, internal and external communications will be improved and you will get the most out of your internet and management information systems. 

Evotec IT are here to help you invest in tech based on your unique business need and budget.