Backup and Disaster Recovery

What is a DR plan & should you have one in place?

A DR plan or Disaster Recovery plan, is a strategy you need to have in place should there be an unavoidable disaster such as a telephone system or internet outage.

For some businesses, just one day without phone or internet can often be fatal. Power loss, equipment failure, faults and damaged phone lines can and do occur on a regular basis. Therefore, having a disaster recovery plan in place that covers your phone lines and business broadband is a no brainer. Too many companies leave their main asset – their phones – unprotected. A disaster or even a small phone line outage could cost a company significantly, both in terms of revenues and reputation.

Here at Evotec we work to ensure minimum business downtime and can assist with the safeguarding of your business continuity. Our proactive approach can prevent problems, making sure your communications run smoothly at all times. All our disaster recovery options are extremely cost effective so you can determine your solution based on how much resilience you need in place.

Some of our DR options include:

- Second Broadband Line:
Great for customers who rely heavily on their broadband service or for customers with SIP lines
- Dongle:
Simple PAYG broadband failover service which can be loaded with data
- Twin Back-up/Failover Lines:
Install another set of identical lines
- Extra SIP Lines:
Invest in backup SIP Lines which can automatically failover and re-route calls in minutes
- Diverts:
Have your calls diverted elsewhere within seconds

Talk to the team at Evotec about your DR plan and the options required to keep your business ready for any disaster.


Evotec partners with Veeam, Acronis, and HPE to enable your IT team to implement a robust and complete backup and recovery solutions that match your operational and legal requirements.

We are experienced in provisioning solutions for small and medium businesses, to larger and more complex enterprises.

Our HPE use advanced integration with applications and infrastructure, and operational analytics, to optimise backup, improve business continuity and resiliency, and boost uptime within IT environments.

For example, HPE Data Protector centrally manages and protect critical data scattered across remote sites and data centers in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. It cost-effectively maximises application uptime through impact-free backup and recovery operations for disk and tape to recover applications and data to any point in time.