Veeam Availability Suite v9


Digital Transformation makes Availability even more important.

In this digital age, with Hybrid Cloud environments, SaaS, IoT, BYOD, e-commerce and social media, if your apps are not up and running 24.7.365, you're out of business.

Reliable and swift backup and recovery is mission critical for almost every business.  The damage in IT downtime is not just a loss of business, you also have to count the cost of:

  • Loss of customer confidence - negative Customer Satisfaction
  • Damage to brand identity - negative PR
  • Loss of employee confidence - negative Employee Satisfaction.

The new Veeam Availability Suite v9 is out now and has put Veeam on the Gartner 2016 leader board for Backup and Recovery software.

Key Features

  • Enterprise Continuity - less than 15 minutes to recover ALL applications and data
  • Workload mobility - provide availability for ALL workloads across ANY cloud or location
  • Compliance and Visibility - design your recovery plan and document it and maintain it over time
  • High-speed recovery - get going again in minutes - minimal downtime
  • Verified recoverability - get going again with confidence - guaranteed recovery of every file, application, or virtual server
  • Complete visibility - proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact
  •  Data Loss avoidance - Low RPOs and streamlined disaster recovery
  • Leveraged Data - low-risk deployment with a production-like test environment
  • High scalability and performance - exceeding SLAs with new backup and VM restore acceleration and processing technologies
  • Full support for Windows Server 2016
  • Direct restore to Microsoft Azure
  • New Windows and Linux Veeam Agents for Public Cloud Availability as well as physical endpoints, workstations and serviers - enable workload mobility by allowing wordloads to move from on-premise to the cloud.
  • Veeam Agents have Enterprise-level features like Application-aware processing and Flexible scheduling and retention options.


Veeam Availability Suite v9 will feature Veam Availability Orchestrator (available early 2017) which will enable the design, implementation, testing and documentation of Disaster Recovery Plans for all physical workloads, managed/private cloud, public cloud -  under a single pane management view.

The DR testing will be automated and non-disruptive and the compliance and documentation will be built-in and automatically updated to satisfy compliance requirements.

This is of great value because, as we all know, documentation is boring, which makes it difficult to write and maintain - and Murphy's Law dictates that when incident reminds us of its importance, it is usually to late to do anything about it.

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About Veeam

Veeam is a privately-held, Swiss-based company established since 2006. It develops backup, disaster recovery and virtualisation management software for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments.  It started out focusing on VMware backup and replication. It later expanded to focus on modern data protection and more recently is focusing on "Availability for the Always-on Business".  Their goal is to support IT services to recover any piece of data in minutes,  24.7.365 days a year.

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