iQ 30 Cart


The new iQ 30 Cart will be available soon.

The iQ 30 Cart supersedes the iQ 32 Cart and is the ultimate solution for managing iPad deployments. It can sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini devices.


Efficient syncing.  Using iTunes® on your MacBook®, you can sync up to 30 iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini devices simultaneously.

More power.  With 2.1 amp power at each port, the iQ 30 Cart is capable of charging up to 30 iPad, iPad Air or iPad mini devices at the same time.

Extremely portable.  The iQ 30 Cart is equipped with six removable 5 slot carry baskets (new design). This makes iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini deployments easier with the iPad Cart.

Style meets functionality.  The iQ 30 Cart features a sliding top lid so that iPad devices can be accessed quicker, easier and by more users at once.

Improved cable management.  The iQ 30 Cart features a new centre channel system that holds all the cables in place. It is neater and easy to setup than any other Cart.

Go mobile!  The iQ 30 Cart is designed to be mobile, so you can create an instant learning environment in almost any location.

Lock it down!  After a day of use, lock the iPad Cart down with the heavy duty anchor kit for securing the iPad Cart whilst it’s not in use.

Compatible.  The new carry baskets are designed to accommodate all iPad devices with or without cases.

10 year warranty!  PC Locs products are built to last the distance.

External Product Dimensions (mm)

Height: 820 mm
Width: 690 mm
Length: 795 mm
Weight: 72 kg



Carrier 40 Cart

Carrier 40 Cart for Chromebooks, Tablets and iPadsThe Carrier 40 Cart - for Chromebooks, ipads and tablets - takes device management to the next level… a complete system that offers more flexibility than any other Cart in its category.


  • New 5 slot Carry Baskets – Giving users the flexibility to deploy Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices with ease. The new and improved baskets are lighter, easier to grip and can fit a wider range of devices
  • Recharge in mass – The Carrier 40 Chromebook Cart can charge up to 40 devices at once. The Cart is able to charge Chromebook, Tablet or iPad devices.
  • Large device storage area – Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices can be accessed easier and by more users at once.
  • New soft closing, sliding hood – Secures up to 40 Chromebook, Tablet or iPad devices and the Carry Baskets that they are stored in!
  • Modular and future proofed – Option to add syncing functionality to the Carrier 40 Chromebook Cart with PC Locs iQ 16 Sync Charge Boxes. There is no need to go out and by a new Cart. The Carrier 40 Cart has all your needs covered.
  • Highly secure – Two-point locking system to keep your valuable devices safe and a heavy duty anchor kit to prevent the Carrier 40 Chromebook Cart from being rolled away.
  • Lifetime Warranty* – PC Locs products are built to last.

The Carrier 40 Cart by PC Locs…It’s a truly universal Cart that can store, charge, secure and transport up to 40 Chromebook, Tablet and iPad devices.

Carrier  40 Cart – Chromebook Cart Specifications:

External Product Dimensions
Height: 873 mm
Width: 735 mm
Length: 880 mm
Weight: 68 kgs


ECO 28-bay Laptop Trolley


The Revolution ECO 28 from PC Locs features an open design to allow passive ventilation and quick and easy visual checks by teachers.

The laptops are accessible from both sides of the cart for faster loading and unloading of the laptops than with a conventional front-loading mobile cabinet.

Flexible laptop storage

The Revolution ECO 28 has an adjustable laptop shelf which makes it suitable to store up to 28 notebooks or netbooks of almost any size.

Smart charging

The charging is managed by the remote-controlled ECO Safe Charge™ power management system. 

This intelligent system stages the availability of power to each laptop bank. The functions available can help prevent power overloading, reduce energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and extend the life of your laptop’s batteries.

The high level of security built into the cart and the anti-theft lock down kit, protect not only the laptops inside but also the cart itself.

External Product Dimensions (mm)
Height: 900
Width: 876
Length: 747
Weight: 84kg

Slot/Bay Dimensions (mm)
Height: 165-460 adjustable
Width: 53
Height: 330


EVO 40 Cart

EVO40The EVO 40 Cart by PC Locs is designed to store, charge, secure and transport up to 40 tablet devices.

For syncing, pair your EVO 40 Cart with the iQ 16 Sync Charge Box™ (sold separately).


  • Simultaneous charging - Charge up to 40 tablet devices at once
  • Highly Compatible - Store and charge almost any Tablet device.
  • Extremely Portable - Equipped with four removable carry baskets so you can deploy tablet devices easier.
  • Cable Management - The tablet devices' power packs are stored under the lockable top hood.
  • Highly Secure - the two tilting compartments are lockable and after use, you lock the EVO 40 Cart down in a designated area with the heavy duty anchor kit.
  • Quick Access. Because the tilting compartments are located on opposite ends of the EVO 40 Cart, more Tablet devices can be accessed at once.
  • Transport in bulk - wheel it to where you need it.
  • Lifetime Warranty - PC Locs products are built to last. 

External Product Dimensions (mm)
Height: 928
Width: 870
Length 720
Weight: 80kg

Internal Dimensions (mm)
Height: 309
Width: 302

Please note:

  • Maximum load of 18 kg per tilting compartment.
  • Charging requires a power point. The time taken to charge all Tablet devices will depend on the amount of charge remaining in each device.
  • May not fit detachable keyboard style Tablets. Check EVO40 Cart internal dimensions and contact us for details.