HP Flash Storage Starter Kit

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200Flash storage can make your applications run up to 5x faster and with fewer drives to maintain. While cost has been an obstacle in the past, HP's new 3PAR StoreServ 7200 All-Flash Starter Kit brings it within reach for most organisations with between 100-500 users.

At around $45,000, HP’s All-Flash storage is winning awards and glowing testimonials and could be a justifiable expense with real ROI in terms of productivity.

The all-flash starter kit gives you an HP 3PAR StoreServ 7200 Storage array with 7 TB of usable capacity, HP 3PAR Operating System Software Suite, three years of HP Proactive Care 24x7 support, and a 180-day license for HP 3PAR Online Import software.

With this license, you can perform simple and painless data migration from EMC CLARiiON CX4 and EMC VNX arrays or HP EVA Storage to your new all-flash array.

This low-cost package is ideal for accelerating small- to mid-size online transaction processing (OLTP) and database environments as well as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments with up to 500 users.

Major benefits

HP claims the following benefits for it’s award-winning all-flash storage solutions.

  • Accelerated—5x increase in application performance with 90% fewer drives
  • Massively parallelised architecture, flash-optimised cache algorithms and QoS.
  • Efficient — Reduce capacity requirements by 75% and extend flash lifespan
  • Maximise ROI with hardware-accelerated in-line de-duplication, thin provisioning and shared capacity for file, block and object access.
  • Bulletproof — Eliminate downtime for performance-critical applications
  • Quad-controller design with persistent cache and ports, peer failover, and multi-site replication. Reduce risk with flat backup to HP StoreOnce.
  • Futureproof — Non-disruptive data mobility between systems
  • Refresh storage seamlessly and load balance effectively across Tier-1, midrange, and all-flash.
  • Over 75K IOPS at sub-millisecond response time
  • Scales to 3.5TB raw or 7TB usable
  • Linear performance and capacity scalability — easily expand hardware for a total of 690 TB usable capacity and 250K IOPS
  • Unconditional 5 year warranty on all solid state media.


“I have seen a phenomenal increase in the performance of my overall system by just making the investment in storage. After putting in the 3PAR array we have seen between five and 10 times improvement of throughput and performance, reduction of latency in our array. And while those are all great numbers off a data sheet, what it means to me is I can serve more customers at a given time, and I can do that with less -- fewer servers, fewer database nodes, which results in, for me, a reduction of my operating cost, and a reduction of my capital expenses.”
Lee Pedlow, Senior Director Production Services, Sony Network Entertainment International, LLC

“Metro Health needed storage with high performance and availability to support our virtual desktop environment. The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 all-flash array has delivered - high IOPS, low latency, and scale - all while providing time and cost savings.”
Aivars Apsite, Chief Strategy Officer, Metro Health

“We have seen tremendous performance gains in metadata access; the 62% improvement in overall response time means both faster processing, and also less waiting, since the humans using the VM’s are very latency sensitive!”
Frederic Van Haren, Senior Director R&D Labs, Nuance Communications

“The 3PAR StoreServ 7450 stood out as the obvious choice to extend our storage services to a next generation platform. Its multi-tenancy support allows us to leverage our investment by adding customers on demand and spin up their storage in hours, putting our savings into competitive pricing. It’s a real win: Latisys is already gaining new business due to the power of the 3PAR StoreServ 7450.”
Christian Teeft, CTO, Latisys

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QNAP NAS Storage

QNAP TS 869 PRO webQNAP has the solution for SMBs that want to share data efficiently across multiple sites, but don't like the idea of storing confidential business documents in the cloud.

With a QNAP TS-869 Pro you can start your own private cloud.  Surprisingly affordable, the QNAP TS-869 Pro is an 8-bay, all-in-one NAS server with exceptional performance that can meet the storage requirements of modern SMB IT.


  • exceptional performance: 221.8 MB/sec Reading, 220.8 MB/sec Writing.
  • secure cross-platform file sharing for Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX
  • an iSCSI/ IP-SAN storage combo solution
  • integrated backup solutions to safely protect against unexpected data loss.
  • ideal for shared storage for virtualised and clustered environments, via VMware and Citrix, and is compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

The intuitive MyCloud NAS service simplifies the process of publishing content residing on the Turbo NAS over the Internet so you can set up a private cloud in just a few simple steps. It also provides a disaster recovery solution.

The mobile app, QMobile, provides iOS or Android mobile device users with a convenient way to access the Turbo NAS live, on the go.  

There’s a wide range of RAID and hot-swap options and you can set up SMS and e-mail alerts for warning or error messages.

For more information on NAS storage, talk to your Evotec IT consultant on 1300 133 966.


Buffalo Terastation 5200

Buffalo Terastation 5200d

Providing reliable, efficient and cost-effective networked data backup and recovery is a major challenge for businesses of all sizes.

Large backups, poorly handled, can slow down business performance by congesting the network.

Staff expect to be able to recover files and folders in seconds or servers in minutes in the event of a server failure or disaster.

However, for many mid-sized organisations, enterprise-grade backup and recovery systems are too expensive and too complex to manage.

Buffalo Technology's Network Attached Storage systems provide a solution: the TeraStation™ 5200 WSS Series.

TeraStation 5200 features real-time synchronous replication of data, providing easy, continuous data protection in the event of data loss. If your system configuration includes data replication from one TeraStation 5200 unit to another, you can set up failover to automatically switch main operation over to the redundant TeraStation if the main unit ever becomes inaccessible. Within one minute, the backup TeraStation automatically assumes the role of the main TeraStation 5200 with no disruption and no IT intervention. Data can be continuously accessed without any notice of the failover.

For a limited time, the TeraStation 5200 comes bundeld with ShadowProtect SBS Edition which provides fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers back online as quickly as possible. ShadowProtect® is the #1 disaster recovery solution for virtual and physical servers. It provides real-time protection and recovery and it supports SBS and Window Essential servers.

TeraStation™ 5200 is a high performance 2-drive network storage solution ideal for businesses and demanding users requiring a reliable RAID based NAS and iSCSI storage solution for larger networks and business critical applications. With the powerful dual-core 1.86 GHz Intel® Atom™ processor D2550, TeraStation 5200 provides exceptional performance during file transfers and everyday NAS functions: experience maximum network throughput while a replication job runs in the background, network surveillance video is recording from multiple IP cameras and remote users are accessing content.


  • Intel® Atom™ processor D2550 (1.86 GHz dual-core / 2 GB DDR3 RAM)
  • Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager (1 license)
  • Dual Intel NICs
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports and 2 x USB 3.0 ports with accessory support
  • Hot-swap SATA hard drives
  • Hot spare
  • RAID 0/1/JBOD (Individual Disks)
  • Active Directory support
  • DFS Namespace support
  • Disk quota support
  • Simultaneous NAS and iSCSI target functionality
  • VMware® Certified for NFS
  • Citrix Ready
  • Scheduled or real-time replication to other TeraStation devices
  • Failover support
  • Remote file access via WebAccess and FTP/SFTP
  • 10 licenses of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v14 (SQL and Exchange backup agents)

HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage

HP StoreVirtual 4630

The exponential growth of business data storage has forced organisations to consider cloud and hybrid cloud storage and to continually re-think their on-premise storage systems.

While cloud solutions are highly attractive, the requirements of the new Privacy legisaltion which come into force in March 2014, include special attention on any personal data that is stored off-site and overseas.

HP virtualized storage infrastructure delivers a solution worth considering as it is robust, reliable, easy to manage and supports continuous data growth.

The HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage, based on the LeftHand operating system, is a scalable storage platform that is designed to meet the fluctuating needs of virtualized environments allowing data mobility across tiers, locations, and between physical and virtual storage.

Its software-defined storage VSA software, and ProLiant rack and BladeSystem-based hardware models provide options to fit any infrastructure and budget.

Enterprise-class storage software functionality and leading virtualisation software integration are built-in. This makes StoreVirtual the ideal platform for supporting virtualisation growth at all stages.

New third generation of LeftHand storage - HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage – is optimised for virtualised environments.

Based on HP ProLiant Gen8 technology, new StoreVirtual models are now available in five variants:

  • 4130 - for low cost
  • 4330 1U - for high density
  • 4530 - for large capacity
  • 4730 - for performance
  • 4630 - for BladeSystem (pictured above)

LeftHand OS version 10 software (formerly SAN/iQ) allows one-click online upgrades, support for Windows 2012, Active Directory integration, proxy server support and quorum alerts.

Multi-protocol support gives increased flexibility of your StoreVirtual cluster with  iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or both, with the StoreVirtual 4330 and 4730 models.

An important advantage of LeftHand OS 10 is that increases Remote Copy performance by 3x - shrink your backup times by 66% and reduce your RPO by increasing the frequency of off-site backups.

Boost application performance through dual virtual CPU support for HP StoreVirtual VSA – achieve up to 2x performance improvement with 2 vCPUs and multi-threading functionality

Ease Storage Management for Virtualised Environments

Platform integration with VMware and Microsoft increases storage functionality and ease of use while application integration streamlines storage management for applications. Snapshot and Remote Copy integration for virtualization platforms and Windows applications makes backup and recovery a snap.

Simply configure, manage and monitor hundreds of nodes in your environment with the same ease as the first two; no matter if they are on the same site or across multiple sites using the Centralised Management Console

HP StoreVirtual simplifies product updates and upgrades, providing ease of mind - Update software with a single click. Migrate data online to another cluster of storage hardware. Swap nodes within a cluster for maintenance or upgrade to new generation technology with no downtime required.

Scale Array Capacity and Performance Without Disruption to Applications

The scale-out architecture of HP StoreVirtual delivers storage that linearly scales in both capacity and performance. Adjust and respond quickly to changing demands: Scaling storage is as simple as adding nodes to the cluster letting you seamlessly and non-disruptively grow as your business grows.

Network RAID technology aggregates all resources and capacity into a single storage pool making all available capacity and performance accessible to every volume in the cluster, allowing all cluster resources to contribute to performance: CPUs, RAID controllers, NICs, caches, and disk spindles.

The Network RAID functionality also stripes and protects multiple copies of data across a storage cluster, removing any single point of failure. Redundancy is managed on a per-volume basis to improve storage utilization and match the data protection of the volume to the application’s requirements.

Now with iSCSI and optional Fibre Channel connectivity, mixed protocol environments can benefit from a single flexible storage solution for all locations. Be prepared for what the future may bring – migrate from one protocol to the other without having to redesign or replace your storage.

Superior Data High Availability and Disaster Recovery

With proven 99.999 percent high availability and reliability the storage cluster can sustain multiple concurrent failures and still keep data online and accessible to applications. This solution provides worry-free storage for your centralised datacenter as well as for remote and branch offices. VMware-certified Multi-site disaster recovery provides business continuity with failover transparent to users and applications. The Multi-site configuration is designed to maintain data availability beyond a single physical or logical site and validates full compatibility with VMware HA features.

LeftHand Remote Copy lets you asynchronously replicate thin-provisioned, reservation-less snapshots between primary and remote locations. This feature enables centralised backup and disaster recovery on a per-volume basis and leverages application integrated snapshots for faster recovery.

LeftHand Peer Motion is an online data mobility technology that allows the movement of volumes across all deployed HP StoreVirtual nodes regardless of platform or drive type. HP StoreVirtual is the only product with data mobility across tiers, locations, and between virtual and physical storage.

Affordable Enterprise Functionality with Comprehensive Feature Set

HP StoreVirtual’s all-inclusive licensing includes enterprise-class storage features, management, and value-add tools - eliminating the need for additional software purchases. This affordable platform lets you buy only what storage you need today and grow your storage non-disruptively in the future.

HP StoreVirtual is the most versatile storage platform on the market as it scales from software-defined storage VSA software to ProLiant rack and BladeSystem-based hardware models. Mix and match the product models that best fit your infrastructure for management simplicity and feature consistency.

Transform the internal storage of your existing vSphere and Hyper-V servers into fully featured shared storage. The market leading HP StoreVirtual VSA creates a converged infrastructure that enables data mobility across virtualized servers, sites, and between virtual and physical storage platforms.