Sophos iView


Sophos iView gives you more than 1000 built-in reports

When one of your users / devices starts behaving strangely how are you going to know?

Managing security across a distributed network across multiple locations can be a challenge – to do it efficiently and proactively, you need an intelligent view of your entire network from a single pane of glass.

Sophos iView shows you potential network issues and possible attacks anywhere across your network, regardless of where users are working.

Get insights into:

  • Users accessing P2P and other high risk applications
  • Unproductive web surfing
  • User machines triggering ATP events
  • Downloads and bandwidth consumption across your entire network

For example, it helps identify malware-infected hosts triggering ATP events, suspect users or traffic anomalies including spikes in ICMP traffic or unusual bandwidth consumption that may indicate a possible attack.

If you have multiple appliances, need consolidated reporting, or could just use help with log management or compliance, Sophos iView is an ideal solution.


  • Extensive built-in reports with custom view options
  • Consolidated Reporting for Sophos XG Firewall, UTM 9 and CyberoamOS devices.
  • Compliance report grouping for HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX
  • Easy identification of network activities and potential attacks
  • Persistent long-term retention of all your reporting data
  • Easy back-up of logs with quick retrieval for audit purposes
  • Out-of-the-box deployment without the need for technical expertise
  • Log backup and management

Sophos iView logs data from multiple devices at distributed locations with smart indexing and easy search facilities, enabling quick retrieval, audits and forensics.

See the Sophos iView Video Presentation