WANvisor Network Monitoring and QoS

WANvisor is a best-in-class solution that makes your network faster and more reliable by giving youWANvisor logo with pic the control and visibility you need to optimise your network performance.

WANvisor is your portal to view, analyse and respond to network-wide snapshot of apps, users, websites, flows and more, all from a single web browser.

WANvisor is a seamless bundle of software, hardware and services that gives you a centralised global view of all locations, devices and users in minutes from the cloud.

With Deep Packet Inspection and dynamic intelligence WANvisor lets you view WAN performance instantly and react quickly.

With an immediate view of network problems you can develop a pro-active, predictive strategy for all network congestion contingencies, reducing your number of help-desk tickets and queries.

As a bundled service package, WANvisor is a simple monthly payment with pricing based on bandwidth - no need to worry about upgrades or separate service contracts.

The growth of cloud apps and the IoT has highlighted the need for greater Data visibility and speed. WANvisor helps make them work faster.

WANvisor enables you to shape traffic to improve performance of your mission-critical business apps, prioritising them over Facebook, iTunes, Youtube etc.

Create traffic segments based on VLAN, subnets, applications and more for deep analysis. Segment your data flows based on offices, customers & departments. Allows data costs to be allocated to cost centres.

WANvisor enables gives real-time visibility on everything about your network traffic in 1-second resolution. Features include:

  • Receive automated, comprehensive weekly reports about your network and applications in your inbox.
  • Setup alerts based on utilisation & quality
  • Invite others to see analytics with a single click.
  • Know precisely what OS platforms and BYODs are using your network.
  • Visualise traffic by Active Directory username
  • Powerful, scalable and platform-agnostic, WANvisor scales to 1000+ users and handles Physical, Virtual, Cloud, RPM & NFV - Get a box, spin up a VM, launch in AWS or Azure, or install on - Linux as RPM and more
  • Measure the quality of your network across multiple locations using WANvisor’s Network Quality Score (NQS)
  • Weekly automated updates for new apps
  • See Round Trip Times (RTT) by application, host, location & website

WANvisor provide network policies to make your network perform as expected. You also get the option to customise them to suit your environment and organisational requirements.

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