Samsung E-Boards

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Samsung’s DME-BR/BM E-Boards – are a smart range of interactive whiteboard style screens that makes digital display writing easy and intuitive.

Reasonable cost, outstanding connectivity and ease of use are key features on the range of 65”, 75” and 82” screens.

Up to 10 different participants can touch the display screen to make content selections, comments or edits - with each person’s writing individually recognisable to the audience.

There’s a hand eraser tool that makes it easy to remove unwanted interactions.

Its MagicIWB S2 software has a touch-activated floating menu that enables users to independently control, display and shuffle between multiple screens and various text, image, audio and video content files.

Once sessions conclude, MagicIWB S2’s compatibility with standard office software programs allows users to update, save, capture, print and share files for later viewing.

Power users can choose the more advanced MagicIWB I2 software, which needs a separate PC to run.

Accurate Handwriting recognition is the main benefit of MagicIWB I2. With it, your users can capture participant’s handwritten notes into MS Wordpad for use in other office applications.

For example – capture screen notes to convert them accurately into meeting minutes, CRM events or project management apps.

In addition to words, it also recognises numbers and shapes - ideal for teaching science and maths.

MagicIWB I2 also has a more powerful browser for internet and PC files and enables users to share files back and forth from their PCs to the whiteboard.

Quick questions and notes can be sent directly from users’ PCs for display on the whiteboard.

MagicIWB I2 allows you to create and save custom templates for your presentations and training sessions.

Presenters/Teachers can interact with the user’s devices and can lock their devices to focus on key concepts to enable a more engaging and collaborative learning environment.

Connectivity convenience

Users can access, share and revise content via their own laptops, tablets and smartphones with a superior range of connectivity via HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort (DP), DVI and USB ports. This makes it compatible with nearly all external devices.

And its touch function has auto-switching so you don’t need two different cables to use touch with a notebook PC.

Samsung provides a range of plug-in PC options - the Plugin Module PC fits perfectly into the back of the slim-line screen, keeping your presentation area tidy.




Screenbeam keeps the preso rollingScreenBeam Wireless Display Adaptor SBWD100A 500x334

So your team is delivering a multimedia/powerpoint presentation via the old non-wireless projector in the boardroom. You can see by the whites of their eyes that the sale is almost in the bag.

Then the CEO of your prospect asks a tough question best answered by your top nerd whose only act is a live demo from her laptop?

You start to sweat... Do you risk losing momentum by disconnecting your PC cable to get the propeller-head involved or do you soldier on and fake it?

Or you're a teacher who walks into the classroom as the bell rings and you know you have 1.25 seconds to get the class engaged and on task before they start climbing out the windows. How good would it be to have a wireless projector?

Solution? Screenbeam by Actiontec.

With ScreenBeam Pro you can beam your entire laptop screen or just a portion to a large HDTV or HDMI projector. Easily switch between presenters without the hassles of cables. Enables easy connection, and collaboration.

buspresAsk Evotec for advice on the right Screenbeam model for your display and PC needs.


Epson MeetingMate

MeetingMate 600x417

If staff and customers are nodding off during your sales meetings, it may not be your presentation skills that are to blame. Rather, it could be time to upgrade your boardroom projector.

The new high-tech Epson MeetingMate Ultra Short Throw Projectors will spice up your sales presentations and training sessions with multi-point collaboration and in-built sound.

No more hot and humming units hogging space on the boardroom table, no more asking people to move their shadows: the MeetingMate installs on the ceiling!

The range kicks off with the EB-1400Wi, which packs an amazing range of features for its $2900 RRP pricetag, not least of which is its brightness - up to 2,600 lumens.


  • Whiteboard Function – no more scrubbing whiteboards and flipping charts, you can run “instant meetings” without a PC! After the meetup, save, print or email your drawings and notes.
  • Load and save image files on USB or network drive
  • Print your meeting notes wirelessly (peer to peer) or to the network printer
  • Instantly share your meeting notes via email – to an individual or group address
  • Capture screenshots from PC, DVD, iPad etc and draw over it on the whiteboard, then save, print or email the annotated version
  • Split Screen Function allows images from 2 input sources to be projected simultaneously
  • Control Pad for Easy Operation – All buttons on the control pad can also be found on the remote control
  • Remote Interactive Collaboration – collaborate from multiple remote locations (up to 4)
  • Wireless Projection and Interactivity – project and use the interactive function without the wires (using peer to peer wireless and Epson’s EasyMP Network Projection software version 2.81)
  • Dual Pen Interactivity – with simultaneous dual pen functionality, you and a colleague can annotate at the same time
  • No Driver Installation Required for PC (Driver install is required for Mac)
  • Advanced Networking - monitor, control and present from a remote location
  • Connectivity includes HDMI, DisplayPort, USB display, PC-free slideshows, network and wireless
  • 10W Built-in Speaker – Built in audio