Cisco Meraki

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Cisco Meraki is an excellent solution for organisations that need rapid, campus-wide deployment of a secure wireless and BYOD and would like simple, centralised management without controllers.
Meraki Wireless APs serve 100+ users each and provide high capacity wireless in dense, demanding environments. Cisco Meraki APs are custom-designed for cloud management and are built with enhanced CPU and memory capabilities to enable rich services, including Layer 7 application traffic shaping at the network edge.
Industry-leading concurrent 802.11ac, such as in the MR34, and 802.11n 3-stream MIMO radios deliver aggregate data rates of up to 1.75 Gbps.
The Meraki Systems Manager is intuitive and requires no training or dedicated staff. Systems Manager works on any vendor’s network — even if the managed devices are on the road, at a café, or used at home.

Cisco Meraki Features:

  • Identify unique users, iPads, and other devices
  • Control bandwidth usage by application
  • Locate clients with Google Maps integration
  • View auto-generated reports
  • 100% free mobile device management
  • Distinct policies for students, faculty, and staff
  • Limit BitTorrent, Netflix, etc.
  • Manage users and devices
  • Centrally manage Macs, PCs, and mobile devices
  • Deploy applications and updates with one click
  • Enforce device security and restrictions
  • Scales to thousands of devices

Case Study: the All-Wireless Campus

Southern California’s Westmont College replaced 272 Aruba access points that covered only residences and dining areas with 270 Meraki APs that blanket all 111 acres of the campus.
The result: 90% of all network traffic is now wireless and 1,100 students and 300 faculty members on campus get constant connectivity, indoors and out.
IT staff use Meraki cloud-based management to troubleshoot and solve connectivity issues over the web, without specialised training.
Westmont also uses Meraki security appliances to manage and connect satellite campuses.


HPE Aruba

aruba-accesspoints 700x243Create smarter, more efficient spaces with IoT.

IoT is creating smarter, more efficient work spaces — intelligent meeting rooms, location services, and real time monitoring.

Aruba ClearPass can now profile any IoT device, integrate with multi-factor authentication for stronger device and app security, and provide deeper insights into security incidents. Its automated threat protection features ensure that each device is accurately given network access privileges with minimal hands-on IT interaction.

Evotec can help you move from legacy infrastructure to a mobile-first digital workplace, including planning, design, implementation, and integration.

While Aruba handles the WiFi, the surge in traffic to your services from WiFi, mobile and IoT means that your wired infrastructure may need an upgrade. Evotec can advise on high performing switches and more efficient cabling design to improve your connectivity reliability and speed.

Aruba can also assist with your communications by enabling secure Skype for Business traffic. Aruba gives you visibility into Skype for Business traffic, real-time voice and video calls, and wireless network performance with AirWave. Interactive dashboards make it easy to correlate call quality with client and network health, access call diagnostics, and view performance over time.

Aruba can automatically classify Skype for Business Traffic and track encrypted sessions and monitor network quality for better voice and video reliability as users roam. Call admission control ensures that Skype for Business-enabled mobile devices associate with the best Wi-Fi access point.

New 330 Series: Screaming fast 11ac Wave 2Aruba AP330

The new Aruba 330 Series access points provides the fastest gigabit data speeds and superb user experience for mobile devices and applications in a digital workplace.

Designed with an integrated HPE Smart Rate port to scale up to 2.5Gbps Ethernet over existing copper, the 330 Series allows enterprises to leverage their multi-gigabit Ethernet wired network infrastructures to eliminate bottlenecks.

These Wave 2 access points deliver multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) -aware ClientMatch to boost network efficiency and support the growing device density demands on your network.

ClientMatch ensures all devices have the fastest connection at all times. Multi-User MIMO capable devices can make use of ClientMatch.

The 330 Series access points come with a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon installed to help remotely manage battery-powered Aruba Beacons.  


Purple WiFi

PurpleWiFi Hotspot 350x303Evotec partners with Purple WiFi to deliver smart WiFi solutions for retail, hospitality, tourism and education organisations who want to provide free and secure WiFi for their customers and take advantage of smart marketing opportunities.

Purple WiFi is a combination of access points and cloud-based software that integrates with your WiFi network, providing secure guest WiFi access to your customers. When customers log in to your WiFi through their social media accounts, you can get permission to capture valuable information on their demographics and behaviour; and how, when and why they move around your site.

This data allows evidence-based decision making on space planning, customer relationship management and engagement.
User demographics such as age, gender and location, length of internet use, total amount of users and data usage can be accessed in real time. These analytics enable you to deploy targeted marketing messages.

WiFi log-in pages can display specific messaging, branding and advertising and after log-on, you can direct customers to URL redirect pages with messaging based on your new customer insights. You can also send them offers based on products and services you know they care about.

Presence analytics

Purple WiFi’s presence analytics means you can gather and chart valuable data on how your customers engage with your site. Is a customer new or repeat? What’s the footfall by hour? How loyal are my customers?

Geo-fencing allows you to segment your site so you can instantly see who is within your network and where, and send them customised messages as they move into different areas of the building. This knowledge also allows you to improve customer experience by testing different product and POS strategies. You can then overlay purchase information to glean insights to increase sales and retention.

Use WiFi to market your business

With Purple WiFi’s Social WiFi system everyone who logs onto your Purple WiFi network can be asked to ‘Like’ you on Facebook or ‘Follow’ you on Twitter and LinkedIn, in return for access. Experience shows that most customers will do so. Social WiFi gives you immediate social media engagement to a wider network of friends and followers.

Family friendly - Safe, secure internet browsing

With the premium package, you can provide a family-friendly WiFi access to block pornographic or violent content. For most sites, this blocks around 10% of traffic at content filtered venues, which shows that it’s a necessary service and provides peace of mind for schools, public venues and retail sites. Purple WiFi updates blocked domains constantly, ensuring that family-friendly WiFi access is available at all times.

WiFi security & legal

Purple WiFi ensures your guest WiFi is legally compliant and adheres to current legislation on public wireless internet usage. Public traffic is also separated from your internal networks and point of sales systems, enabling you to be safe, secure and protected.

Purple WiFi is used in a wide range of solutions around the world, including:

Car Dealerships

- A large multi-site, multi-brand new and used car dealership wanted to offer a free guest WiFi solution - to provide fast mobile data to their sales team’s devices and to capture customer data and increase customer engagement with the dealership. The solution incorporated Cisco Meraki access points and Purple WiFi as a guest login solution.

The integrated firewall/DHCP functionality in the Cisco Meraki access points keeps guest traffic safe, secure and separate.
Once the customer is in store, it is easy to gain access to the WiFi, and they are automatically logged in for their next visit.
The solution delivers an enhanced customer experience and highly visible branding for the dealership. Social media integration and marketing tools give detailed insights about customers and usage, improve social media adoption and allow engagement with the customer long after their visit to the site.
Dealership management can now access data around wireless network usage and proactive remote monitoring, with detailed visibility and reporting across the network.
The WiFi solution provides car buyers with easy access to their own customised smartphone app and customers are kept in contact with their dealership via social media integration and push notifications, which helps with customer retention. The data gathered can be deployed to other on-line apps such as service reminders and bookings, used vehicle stock and customer vehicle data.

Hotel Resorts

- A remotely-located resort needed a WiFi solution to provide safe, secure, 24/7 internet access for guests. The WiFi solution is based on Cisco Meraki WiFi access points installed across the site, encompassing the two hotel buildings, the conference venue and the two restaurants. Guests expect fast, free WiFi - often on more than one mobile device. Purple WiFi delivered smart marketing opportunities via Purple WiFi’s social log-in technology. The ability to collect guest profile information enables the hotel to match segmented audiences to targeted marketing campaigns. Guests enjoy the increased WiFi coverage and connectivity. And the hotel sends them regular updates, news and the latest offers. Delivering this information via WiFi dramatically improves the guest experience and makes repeat visits more likely. The social login process also means that the hotel can boost engagement, likes and follows on their social media accounts.

Shopping Centres

- A mid-sized shopping centre wanted to provide free, family-friendly and secure WiFi for shoppers. With Purple WiFi they get detailed customer insights and analytics, and their visitors enjoy more value from their shopping experience.

Customers simply select the Purple WiFi network, or they are prompted to log in using a social media account or a short form. The shopping centre can also choose to ask customers for a Facebook ‘like’ or a Twitter ‘follow’, boosting their exposure on social networks and creating a real buzz about the centre.

Each customer logging in to the free WiFi gives their consent to allow data capture during the login process. This data is then securely stored following all current legislation and best practice.
Centre management benefits from the built-in reporting and insights platform.

The data gathered allows the centre to communicate more effectively with these “WiFi-engaged”customers through their e-newsletter, promotions and offers. This increases time spent in the venue and gives visitors more reasons to return more often.

Evotec is a Cisco-Meraki and Purple WiFi partner - call us on 1300 133 996 for an obligation-free assessment of your WiFi and Data Networking requirements.