Telstra Mobile Data Plans

Telstra Mobile Broadband - Share Plans

New Telstra Mobile Broadband® Shared Plans allow business mobile broadband users on the same account to share their unused included data allowances while in Australia, providing greater flexibility, cost certainty and reduced administration costs.

All shared data allowances will be combined into a ‘pool’ of data which can be shared across all eligible users on the account each month. If customers also have mobiles connected to Business Mobile Advantage plans on the same account then the included data allowance from these plans can also contribute to the shared ‘pool’ of data. This will help minimise excess usage charges as those users who have a high usage each month will balance against those who use only a little.

For example, if you connect five team members to a 4GB Share Plan each on the same account, you would have 20GB of data to share between those five users each month in Australia.

TMB Shared Plans are available on Casual (month by month) or a 12 or 24 month contract -  Member.

Plan Types

There are two types of Share Plans available:

  • TMB Share Member Plan on a 12 or 24 month term (you can purchase a device outright or on a monthly plan or use an existing device you already own).  If you buy a new Telstra USB 4G, Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G, Telstra Ultimate Gateway or eligible Tablet on monthly Telstra plan with their Member Plan you will be eligible to receive a TMB Business MRO bonus for the duration of their contract period.

  • TMB Share Casual Plan - you have no fixed term commitment and can either purchase a device outright or bring an existing device they already own).


  • 9 Standard, Member and Casual TMB Shared Plans – 4GB, 8GB, 15GB which allow customers with services connected to these plans to share their included data allowance across eligible services on the same account while in Australia.
  • With a 4G compatible device such as the Telstra USB 4G, you’ll enjoy speeds up to twice as fast as any other 3G network in Australia and quicker response times using the Internet in 4G coverage areas which means faster uploads and downloads, multi-task with ease, video streaming with less buffering and ability to use high definition video conferencing. 4G coverage is currently available in all capital CBDs (meaning within 5km of the GPO), associated airports and selected regional locations (meaning 3km of the regional town centre).
  • Range of options for low/high users - generous data allowances for use in Australia -4GB, 8GB or 15GB
  • Monitor your estimated Australian data usage via the Mobile Data Usage Meter and receive SMS/Email alerts when your estimated usage reaches 80% and 100% of your monthly allowance.
  • Powered by the Next G® network -  Australia’s fastest and most reliable 3G mobile network.

Cost Control

  • Share unused included data allowances across eligible TMB and mobile services on same account while in Australia.
  • Greater bill certainty, less likelihood of bill shock related to excess usage.
  • Shared data usage (account and service level) can be monitored online via the Mobile Data Usage Meter (MDUM)
  • Receive the full data allowance upon purchase/ migration to a new Sharing plan (irrespective of when this occurs during your bill cycle).


  • Broad range of TMB Shared Plans available catering for low to high end users
  • Customers on existing 24 month TMB Plans can move to new TMB Share Member Plans without having to recontract so long as their monthly commitment remains the same or higher.
  • You can mix TMB Share Member and Casual Share plans which are eligible to share data across the account
  • BYO compatible device or connect a new Mobile Broadband device.

Share Plans Pricing

Monthly Included Data
(for use in Australia)

Casual BTL

Member 12 Month
Monthly Fee
GST Included

Member 24 Month
Monthly Fee
GST Included

Excess Usage Charge ($/MB)
GST Included
















$10 fee applies for services connected to share plans where customised APN is used (telstra.corp, telstra.extranet, telstra.eftpos, telstra.pcextra or telstra.smr).

TMB Share Data Packs

TMB Share Data Packs allow a TMB Share customer to add on an additional data pack to their plan at any stage, if they require additional data for a short period of time.

Customers must opt-in to takeup data pack and then opt-out when data pack is no longer required

Data allowance

Price per month

Excess Usage