Alarm Monitoring and Automating Actions


Questions to ask yourself;

  • What is your appropriate Alerting?
  • How quick do you  need to react?
  • Who is able to help?
  • Who needs to be informed?
  • How time critical is the alerting?
  • How do you know that everyone received the alerting instructions?
  • What alerting procedures can be automated?
  • What kind of risks may arise?
  • Are there any legal requirements to follow?
  • Who logs all the activities?

If you don't have the answer to any of these questions or are not satisfied with the answer you have Evotec can help!


Why Evotec Choose OScAR?

  • Provides flexible use-case orientated solutions and modules
  • Designed and manufactured for professional alerting scenarios
  • Reliable industrial process server concept with outstanding TCO 
  • No hard-disk, fan, battery or any rotating working parts needed
  • Extremely high MTBF
  • Broadcast server, certified to be used in lone worker environments
  • Gateway functionality with short circuit and line brake detection 


Professional Uses Include;

Health Care Sector

Energy Sector

Hospitality Sector 


Container Ports

Financial Sector

Educatiuon Sector



OpenScape Alarm Response is an alarm server that is extremely versatile in its application, be it in hospitals or retirement homes, in the industry sector or public administration, as well as many other areas. OScAR is one system with multiple solutions, offering wide-range functions that facilitate and optimize business processes and alerting procedures in combination with emergency calls and security incidents and enhance efficient crisis communication. 

Typical Areas of Use; 

- Transmit nurse calls to mobile caregivers, with or without automatic call-back to the calling patient, in combination with a nurse call system. 

- Forward error messages from production areas to mobile service technicians in combination with industrial controllers

- Emergency and distress call in threat situations, assaults, fires or other incidents, with automatic emergency conferencing 

- Silent fire alarms and error messages in combination with fire alarm systems

- Transmit technical alarms in combination with alarm detection systems or directly via contact inputs 

- Manual activation of predefined alarm groups through customizable control panel

- Provision of a 24/7 conference dial-in chat room

- Service calls with spontaneous definition of how many responders are required 

- Receive and forward deliberate and automatic alarms raised over the phone, via emergency medallion or special emergency handsets