Symphonia Voice Conference


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Symphonia Voice Conference enhances team effectiveness by minimising expensive 3rd party conferencing services and reducing travel costs.

Take control and reduce costs with your in-house audio conferencing system, configured to suit your specific requirements.

Improve your team collaboration and decision-making.

Powerful: Simply record your conferences, enable live monitoring

Simple: Permanent conference rooms, e-mail invitations

Cost effective: Eliminate costs of third-party conference hosting

Secure: Password-protected conference rooms – no eavesdropping

Scalable: Unlimited meetings and attendees

High Compatibility: Compatible with all major IP-PBX systems and web-browsers

Reliable: Designed for high availability and reliability.

Symphonia Voice Conference Module Specifications

  • Symphonia Version: 4.020
  • Maximum Users: 2000
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connections: Equal to Carrier Connections
  • Carrier Connections: Primary Rate, Basic Rate and PSTN
  • Maximum Web Users: 100
  • Web Browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome
  • User Roles: Users and Administrator per feature.

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