Plantronics Savi W740

Plantronics Savi W740 Convertible Wireless Headset

With three-way connectivity, the SaviW740 allows you to easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and now mobile calls from a single wireless headset.

Optimised for Unified Communications, the system automatically updates your status to "busy" on PC, mobile and even desk phone calls so colleagues can see your availability 

UC Standard version built for UC applications and softphones from Avaya, Cisco, IBM and more.

Plantronics software is required for one-touch call answer/end with supported softphones. 


  • Automatically routes calls to the mobile phone or headset - whichever device is within easy reach
  • Transfer audio from headset to mobile phone with a press of a button to take mobile calls on-the-road
  • One-touch call answer/end, vol +/-, mute and flash control access devices
  • UC presence automatically updated when on PC, mobile or desk phone call
  • Conference in up to three additional headsets and guests can continue through multiple calls
  • Three comfortable, customisable wearing styles
  • Unlimited talk time with deluxe charging cradle kit is available as an accessory 

Premium Sound Quality;

  • Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology for high definition voice quality
  • Voice-dedicated DECT technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference
  • Noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise interruptions 
  • Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DPS) provides more natural voice sounds. 



Plantronics - CS540

Plantronics cs540

Plantronics - CS540 – Convertible Wireless Headset

Improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity - reduce unanswered customer calls with this high-quality, comfortable and convenient wireless headset by Plantronics. This unit is highly recommended as one of the best in the top price range.

Features include:

  • Full mobility with up to 100 metres range
  • Talk time: up to 7 hours
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Headset controls to adjust volume and mute calls
  • Conference in up to three additional headsets
  • Lightweight convertible design
  • Three wearing styles: Over-the-Ear, Headband and optional Neckband
  • Replaceable gel eartips
  • Electronic Hookswitch Cable or Handset Lifter (HL10) to remotely answer/end calls (sold separately)
  • 2 year limited warranty



Jabra Pro 9450

Jabra PRO 9450 448x384Use your headset with either your desk or soft phone

With the Jabra Pro 9450 you can choose to handle calls directly from the headset, via the computer or the touch buttons on the base.

It connects via a USB and the interactive set-up feature ensures you can get started quickly.

This headset offers mono sound through one speaker, which is good for users who need to remain engaged with their colleagues in a reasonably quiet work environment.

The midi boom arm has an enhanced wind noise reduction and a noise-canceling microphone which reduces background noise from the office.

Talk range is up to 135 metres (450ft). Talk time is up to 10 hours on a single charge and Standby Time is up to 38 hours.

Charging takes around 120 minutes: A battery status indicator shows the remaining battery time.

Features include:

  • DECT 1.9 Wireless Technology
  • Talk Range – up to 135 metres
  • Mute button gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device
  • Compatible with Unified Communications
  • Supports Microsoft Windows
  • Conference Call capacity: up to 4 headsets
  • Digital Signal Processing digitally optimises your voice and music and suppresses echoes.
  • Works with Jabra PC Suite Control Centre which enables you to manage all your devices directly from Jabra PC Suite, enabling greater control and mass deployment.

Check your phone system's compatibility with Jabra Headsets at:



Jabra Motion UC headset

Jabra motion UC headsetJabra Bluetooth Headset First to Support OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe Feature

The Jabra Motion UC Bluetooth Headset Enables an easier and faster transition from one device to another without losing connection or switching headsets

The OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature allows the user, with a simple swipe, to move their voice conversations from an office phone or laptop to a mobile device and back again, making the user truly mobile.

Jabra and Siemens have integrated Jabra headsets and mobile devices into the OpenScape platform so customers can be sure that their unified communication solution delivers the optimal sound quality, and offers the opportunity for a faster user adoption and easier deployment.

Now mobile workers, moving from the office to the car, will not have to interrupt their call to change device.

Featuring the latest and intelligent motion technology, the Jabra Motion UC allows users to communicate easily, both in the office and on the go. The built-in motion sensors react to even the slightest movements, adjusting the volume to the surroundings and enabling an intuitive call control by automatically answering the call when the device is picked up.

In March of 2013, OpenScape Mobile and the Jabra Motion UC headset were both nominated finalists for the “Best of Enterprise Connect Award 2013”.

Check your phone system's compatibility with Jabra Headsets at:


HD Wireless Headset

hd wireless headsetPolaris' new HD WirelessTM headset delivers clear, crisp, pure and comfortable HD Wideband sound quality. Its stylish good looks and ultimate user control and Unified Communication convenience make it an ideal tool for the modern office communicator.

Key features include up to 150m wireless range and up to 13 hours talk time, a fast-charge function and total acoustic protection from loud noise.

And it's so reliable, it comes with a three-year warranty!

Desk-phone and PC Connectivity

The communications experience via the HD Wireless extends beyond the desk-phone and into the rapidly growing world of Unified Communications. With desk-phone / PC connectivity, the HD Wireless gives headset users access to UC applications such as Microsoft® LyncTM and Cisco® WebEx® as well as VoIP and other soft-phone applications.

Excellent HD Voice Quality

150Hz - 8KHz Audio bandwidth using Wideband and IP telephony. Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology provides leading HD Wideband voice processing in any wireless headset and ensures excellent intelligibility and sound quality.

Intuitive Touchscreen Control

The large, user friendly 3.5”, 320 x 240 resolution touchscreen provides instant and intuitive control over volume, microphone level, tone, display, mute, PC/ Desk-phone Switcher and conference calling.

Dual Connectivity

Switch from Desk-phone to PC. The Phone/PC functionality is perfect for users that still use desk-phones but also need to access web-based audio documents, participate in webinars and conduct PC based video conferencing.

DECT Wireless Range

You can move up to 150m away from your desk while on a call (standard office environment) or over 200m away (line-of-site). Fearlessly multi-task while on a call - retrieve documents from the printer, fetch refreshments, do some yoga.

All-day Talk Time

The headset battery delivers: 

  • 13+ hours talk time in narrowband mode
  • 9+ hours talk time in wideband mode

The inbuilt Dynamic Range Control in the HD Wireless headset automatically adjusts the amount of battery power it uses according to its distance from the base. The closer it is, the less battery power it uses, making sure you get the most life out of your headset battery.

Fast Battery Recharge

If you forget to put it on the charger overnight, the HD Wireless headset has Fast Battery Recharge ensures you’re able to use your headset with minimum downtime.

  • 0% - 50%: 1 hour
  • 0% - 100%: 2 hours

Talk and Charge

Simultaneously talk on one HD Wireless headset while charging another. The HD Wireless headset allows you to charge a second headset and continue talking on the primary headset without any interruption to your call. This minimises headset battery downtime and supports simple yet affordable desk sharing.

Designed for comfort

The HD Wireless headset is extremely lightweight and has been designed for all day comfort.

  • Ear hook - 22g

  • Headband - 44g

Better hearing - sounds more professional

The HD Wireless headset's noise-cancelling microphone minimises background noise so that your voice is transmitted clearly. The mic's boom length has been designed to boost its performance and reduce wind noise. This is important for noisy, open-plan offices where people work in close proximity.

Loud Noise Protection

The HD Wireless headset protects you from long term exposure to loud noise. You can set call decibel limit to be lower than the ACIF G616 Guidelines and meet the requirements of the National Standard for Workplace Noise NOHSC:1007:2000. There is also a wideband acoustic limiter in the headset and "Shriek Rejection" software in the headset base.

Multi-unit Conferencing

Conduct conference calls or wireless training on up to 4 headsets. The HD Wireless’ intuitive touchscreen provides you with a simple interface to easily initiate and conduct conference calls and wireless double-jacking.

Touch Pairing

Instant headset recognition. Simply dock your headset to the base for pairing to occur. Touch pairing makes desk sharing, double-jacking and phone conferencing quick and easy

Remote Call Control

The Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) connects to your telephone and wireless headset base enabling you to answer and end calls while away from your desk by simply pressing a button on your wireless headset.

Handset Lifter enables you to answer and end calls while away from your desk by simply pressing a button on your wireless headset.

Compatibile with Unified Communications

The HD Wireless headset is easy set up on any desk-phone or business communications application, PC or Mac, and it's compatible with Microsoft Office Communicator and Microsoft Lync™.