Are Phones Affecting Your Staff's Health?

Communication is one of the most important parts of doing business, holding a phone handset up to one ear leads to poor posture, neck and back discomfort which can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Not only will a headset help you physically, but a wireless headset gives the freedom to roam, increasing productivity. 

The ability to answer the phone when away from the desk allows the headset wearer to multitask without missing calls and trying to play phone tag. A headset with noise cancelling technology filters up to 75% of background noise so callers can hear only you as you get your tasks done. 

Choosing the right headset is vital to ensure you get the best features for your business. Using a wireless headset in a work environment, will create better productivity, better time efficiency and enable the employee to have free hands to look up information needed, type it complete other tasks all while on a call and witho out the risk of repetitive strain injuries.