myPortal @ work

myPotral @work

Providing a common user interface for UC features, myPortal @workcan be used instead of an existing myPortal Smart Desktop, all exsisting settings are automatically incorporated into myPortal @work fter its installation.

Highlights of myPortal @work;

  • New coversation oriented graphical user interface 
  • Flexible/scalable user interface with difference scaled views
  • Left or right docking- fitted to customers needs
  • minimize to tray function 
  • Tray pop up on incoming/outgoing calls
  • Combined input field for search and dial function 
  • Conversation view for contacts 
  • Facilitated conference management 
  • Integrated VoIP client
  • Integrated desktop dialing function


You can switch between 4 different views at any time according to your requirements. Presence status, as well as information about missed calls and new voice messages are visable in every view.

A pop-up window offers a convenient way to respond to calls with a single click. Phone number, name and image of the caller are displayed together with the call control buttons.