OpenStage WL3

OpenStage WL3

OpenStage WL3 telephones provide an enterprise-grade wireless voice solution, uniting WLAN and DECT for the best priced mobile device of its class.

OpenStage WL3 delivers high voice quality and a user-friendly interface. Additional functionality is provided with an Enterasys WLAN infrastructure. Optional features such as advanced alerting and messaging make the range of OpenStage WL3 devices ideal for healthcare, retail logistics or manufacturing industries.


  • The SIP compliant OpenStage Wl3 phone can be used with SIP interfaces
  • Beautifully designed and fully featured
  • Coloured, backlit graphical display for easy to access phone features. 
  • Compatible to the IEEE 802.11b/g and IEEE 802.11a/n WLAN standards 
  • Intuitive user interface on a large colour display
  • Centralized management


  • Multi- purpose connector for battery charging, software downloads and configuration
  • Headset connector
  • Loud speaker function and hearing aid compatible 
  • Local Phonebook 
  • Flashing and vibrating when ringing
  • SIP registration to a SIP proxy
  • 2 push button alarms
  • Acoustic location signal at alarm 
  • Automatic call after alarm
  • Integrated site survey tool 

Wireless Service Gateway (WSG)

The WSG is used as an all-in-one solution for centralized management, messaging and alarm handling. It includes a central phonebook which can be accessed from the OpenStage WL3 telephones. In addition, the WL3 providers interfaces to LDAP and to external messaging/alarming applications which handle message and alarm processes. One of these applications is the OpenScape Alarm Response System (OScAR).

The ESG web-based application runs on a Linux-based application platform. It is intended for connections via IP only. 


  • 1 LAN port
  • 1 mini-USB port for easy local management
  • Designed to be mount on a wall and to fit in a 19 inch rack
  • Tri-coloured LEDs for status and power indications
  • Buttons for switching the operation mode and for controlled restart of the module.