Unify's CIRCUIT is your digital workplace in the cloud, with its intuitive aggregation of Telephony, Messaging, Video Conferencing, Screen Share and File Transfer. 

Circuit offers a simple, attractive, intuitive "single-pane-of-glass" user experience.

Circuit has been developed in partnership with world-leading product strategy and design consultancy, frog. Their brief was to extend beyond the promises of unified communications (UC) to redefine how today’s #Anywhere Worker interacts, communicates and collaborates.


Circuit empowers teams to engage in rich and meaningful conversations across virtually any communications channel or device resulting in dramatically improved team productivity. The new platform is designed to deliver increased business performance through real-time engagement by unifying voice, video, social communications, search, business process applications, and other channels into a seamless, immersive, intuitive experience.

For example, Circuit makes it easy to start, follow and participate in conversations, regardless of format or device. Text messages, chat records, addresses and tags are indexed alongside contact information and email messages, all of which are stored and available for comprehensive searching.

Voicemails, phone calls, and videoconferences are automatically transcribed for an easily-referenced record of meetings, and can be transferred from laptop to phone. SMS messages appear on tablets and desktops.

By providing connectors to our communications platforms, customers will be able to consume rich enterprise voice and video services on the Circuit client and allow users to interwork to other voice and video endpoints connected to their existing communications platform. This approach will allow current customers a smooth transition to the New Way to Work. New customers will benefit from the reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness of a pure software deployment in their data center, bringing together the value of new deployment models, mobility and collaboration. 

“I chose [Unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications] as my communications system based on price and architecture,” said David Nettles, Director IT Operations, Rayonier, a leading international forest products company. “Circuit is a game changing vision that really drives home that decision!”

Circuit features include:

  • Circuit support Google Chrome and other WebRTC–enabled browsers.
  • In addition to desktops, users will be supported on several mobile platforms, with apps for Apple devices in the initial release and Android apps following quickly after.
  • Seamless High Definition audio/video, 1:1, and group conversations
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing
  • Rich, textual messaging
  • Enterprise social networking
  • Search across persistent conversations, people and files
  • Cross-device access to all messages, files, and real-time communication and collaboration capabilities (video, voice and screen sharing)
  • Contact integration for LinkedIn and Outlook
  • An outstanding and guided user experience ensuring fast and simple ramp-up




Try Circuit for yourself:

To download a FREE version for Circuit, or to check pricing for the full versions, click here: GET CIRCUIT NOW

To arrange a demonstration of Circuit, call Evotec - your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.


The key to Circuit lies in the way it removes the boundaries separating multiple communication channels and business process applications and integrates them into a ‘single pane of glass’ providing visibility across a workgroup, an enterprise and the Web in real time.

With Circuit, challenging or time-consuming tasks such as searching for information across multiple sources (e.g. text, email, and social channels), conducting live/virtual meetings, or generating transcripts of conference calls becomes as easy as making a phone call.

Circuit is designed to address core challenges faced by so many organisations today: enterprises are at the center of a complex web of interconnected systems that are hard to manage; companies are failing to drive the full value of those investments; and, while communications tools increasingly play a more central role in business, the user experience is broken.

Circuit defines a clear path forward to next-gen solutions through an evolutionary approach for our existing customers and creates an opportunity for Unify to reach a wide range of new customers while leading our industry to the next generation of user experience.

Justin Maguire, Executive Creative Director, frog, said: “Today’s emerging millennials and knowledge workers are working in new ways, but are using yesterday’s tools, spending so much time orchestrating work, they have little time to actually do work. Circuit will reduce frustration and boost the performance of a company’s biggest asset – their people – because employees will love using it. Its delightful user experience will encourage enterprise-wide adoption and seamless integration into business processes to drive dramatic productivity improvements.”

The new platform will offer a seamless experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices to amplify team collaboration and enable new ways to work.

Key Features

Ease-of-Use – manage the daily flow of communications into rich and meaningful conversations in an intelligent, intuitive and personalised way. With unparalleled ease-of-use, organisations can anticipate higher adoption rates, reduced training time and expense, and enhanced team productivity. Smart, intelligent design lets Circuit adapt to the user rather than the other way around.

Persistence – Circuit turns meetings into automatically-created, persistent, shared Circuit Spaces, with associated files, transcripts of voice and video, conversations and participants. Keeping all conversations and content available, Circuit makes meetings more meaningful.

Contextual Search – Circuit will redefine search within communication and collaboration applications and extend it beyond traditional boundaries to include, for example, transcribed voicemails, emails, social aggregated content, text messages, and beyond. With Thought Trails™, users will have real-time, searchable access to the content they need by topic and conversation, even easily finding colleagues who are working on similar projects and topics.

A Single View – Circuit will bring together synchronous and asynchronous communication channels into one, intuitive, frictionless, “rich canvas” view. With Circuit, users will no longer have to jump in and out of applications, but can communicate and collaborate within a single application seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.

Integration – Circuit will be designed to work the way business works by tying into common business processes. Circuit comes with built-in Connectors for out of the box integration to leading applications, like Microsoft,, and Google, and to several social media platforms. Powerful APIs and SDKs will enable in-house IT teams and third-party developers to easily build enhancements and industry-specific solutions, while broadening integration opportunities to other business process solutions.

“Circuit integrates all the bits and pieces that we have been talking about in UC, but never saw delivered,” said Nicole Dufft, Pierre Audoin Consultants.

“Based on WebRTC, Circuit integrates and puts into context all the tools we use in our daily work routines: voice, web and video communication, team collaboration, social networking, business process applications, content management, enterprise search, and even some analytics. Equally important to this ‘contextual integration,’ usability has been a key focus in developing Circuit. Circuit actually looks like a product people would love using.”

“Circuit is Unify’s way of providing an ‘it just works’ experience to the user, delivering a full aggregation of the traditional UC stack, social software, and business applications in an easily consumable interface on the desktop as well as mobile devices,” said Michael Brandenburg, Frost & Sullivan.

“Circuit is not about ripping and replacing existing back-end UC platforms, but instead, focuses on making user consumption of these platforms a much more engaging experience. Circuit is a solid representation of what the promise of unified communications was, or is, supposed to deliver to the end-user and a great example of how enterprise communications should work and how we as users want it to work. For me at least, it redefines how I want to interact, communicate, and collaborate as part of daily work.”

In keeping with the company's open systems heritage, Circuit will avoid the user “lock-outs” of proprietary solutions, and will offer the industry’s first true use of WebRTC, the new standard for embedding voice, text, and video communications within web browser communications. With its strong track record of “never leaving customers behind,” the company said one of Circuit’s key design considerations was providing an evolutionary approach to helping customers achieve the benefits of next-gen solutions, safeguarding technology investments made by its customers now and in the months to come in its existing, industry-leading OpenScape and HiPath portfolio for small and large enterprises.




Try Circuit for yourself:

To download a FREE version for Circuit, or to check pricing for the full versions, click here: GET CIRCUIT NOW

To arrange a demonstration of Circuit, call Evotec - your Unify Premium Partner on 1300 133 996.

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Circuit Pricing

Free Team Professional Enterprise Circuit meeting room


per user per month


per user per month


per user per month


per user per month


Free trial version

For small teams who need

an easy-to use app for

efficient collaboration

For business teams who  need

an immersive collaboration


For companies who view

communications and process

flow as a strategic imperative

Extend the collaborative power of Circuit

with CRM, designed for conference and 

board rooms - 

CRM kit required

- 100 users

- Up to 3 users per conference call

-1GB Storage

- Unlimited users

-Up to 6 users per conference call

- 5GB storage

-Circuit Meeting Room (CRM) integration

(room based video system, additional 

charges apply)

- Advanced and Universal Telephony Connector,

OpenScape Business Connector

(additional charges apply for on premise

set up)

- Unlimited users

- Up to 300 users per conference call 

- 10GB storage 

- CRM integration 

-Telephony Connector

- Moderation

- Recording

- Identify management through SAML 

2.0 support

- Provisioning Agent for automatic 

User Provisioning (LDAP, CVS)

- SLA and help desk support

- Unlimited users

- Unlimited users per conference call

- 20GB storage

- CRM integration

- Telephony Connector

- Moderation

- Recording

- Identify management through SAML

2.0 support

- Provisioning Agent

- SLA and help desk support 

- Virtualisation support (VMware, Citrix)

- Mobile breakout capability

CRM Kit = $2,700 up front, includes;

- Circuit Meeting Room Fujitsu Q956

- Jabra Speak 410 speaker

- Logitech C925e Video camera

All prices are ex.GST