Mobility Workers

As the need to come into the physical office reduces, reliance on tools to keep in touch increases.

Real time conversations are happening everywhere, through voice, instant messaging, video, web collaboration and more. But simply adding mobility isn't enough. It must be integrated across the entire business. 

Whether at home or on the go, being able to connect to your team is vital. Being connected into the office PABX allows workers to have a virtual office right in their pocket, letting them take office calls straight to their mobile device. 

The ability to work from anywhere makes workers more productive, having access to their team, the files and the all-important information makes this process easy for those both in and out of the office. 

The Circuit Mobile Client grants you access to the Circuit application anywhere you are connected to the internet. With a similar interface to the desktop and web client and the ability to pull calls from one device to another, it's never been easier to be mobile. By adding a Circuit connector, you will have access to all office calls straight to your mobile.

To get more information or to Trial Circuit with the telephony connector for 90 days, reach out to your Evotec Account Executive or call Evotec at 1300 133 996.