Working from Home

Working from home and social distancing may be a necessity for now, to help ease your work from home time we have rounded up some things to consider. 

It goes without saying that you're going to want a good PC for working from home. If your home machine isn't quite up to the task of your remote working needs such as video conferencing and multitasking across multiple applications and browser tabs, then you might consider getting a PC with a bit more horsepower than average. 

An extra screen/monitor can make all the difference to enable work from home success. allowing yourself an extra screen will give you more workspace and help to avoid strained eyes from trying to work from a small laptop screen.

The next thing you might need to upgrade your work from home set up is your Wi-Fi router, the typical home wireless router might not cut it for your work from home needs. We recommend a router or access point offering high-speed wireless and capabilities around intelligent optimisation of connection quality. 

If you've turned your bedroom or another distant room into your home office, it is probable you may also want a Wi-Fi extender to get sufficient wireless, this should reduce dead zones while allowing for multiple connections ad increased speeds. 

Working from home may mean working with family or flatmates around. Indulging in a good noise-cancelling headset may be called for under the circumstances. A wireless headset provides you with the freedom of mobility if one room in the house becomes too loud, the addition of a noise cancelling microphone will reduce background noise and interruptions. 

Cloud-based software tools offer the flexibility and accessibility for anyone working from home. Being able to access and share information across multiple devices, from multiple destinations is a game changer for the at home worker. Investing in the correct cloud-based software's for your at home workers can allow them to answer their desk-phone on their mobile, have access to their voicemail and/or see other workers statuses. 

The final item we would recommend for optimising your work from home solution is a Virtual Private Network. This enables you to access data and applications stored on your On-Premise infrastructure and allows you to access it securely. A VPN will give you access to your office hard drives while social distancing,

10 year ago, none of this would have been possible. We pride ourselves on having one of the broadest end to end portfolios on the market. Have a question? talk to us today and we will help you on your way to successful at home working.