Circuit is providing a more efficient way to collaborate, improving teamwork by bringing voice, chat, screen share, file sharing and storage all in one application, meaning you don't need to flick between apps and you only have to remember one password. 

Be an anywhere worker;

Stay plugged in with your teams no matter where anyone is in the world. With Circuit, you can be seen, be heard and create meaningful connections with colleagues. Wasting time searching for a document will be a thing of the past as all shared documents are searchable within each chat, it's as easy as searching or filtering by person, message, senders, members, conversations and files, giving you what you need within seconds. 

Simply swipe from your PC to your mobile (or vice versa) and your call will move instantly. No scrambling, no more interruptions and no more disconnects. By dialling into the Circuit audio conference bridge, you can join any conference from any phone, in any place, meaning there is never a reason anyone will miss an important call. 

Need a break? Put yourself in snooze mode, letting people know you will be back, this disables all your notifications, so you can focus on a task without any interruptions- or so you can simply take a well-deserved break. 

While in any meeting within Circuit you can share your screen at no extra cost, no mess, no fuss and no extra passwords. Circuit is productivity at its best. 

Circuit is a highly secure, public, multi-tenant cloud offering. It relies on a secure web browser for connecting to the cloud, and the browser uses the WebRTC protocol for real-time communication sessions. All your conversations with other Circuit users are encrypted and secure. 

For Circuit Meeting Room your require a CMR kit, which includes; Circuit Meeting Room Fujitsu Q956, Jabra Speak 410 speaker and Logitech C925e video camera. 


To find out more about Circuit or to try it for free for up to 100 users for 12 months follow the link;